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 Salt treatment 

…is a natural procedure during which you relax in dry “salt mist” (salt-aerosol) environment. The treatment helps with respiratory problem, strengthens body’s ability to fight infectious disease, and relieves skin issues (e.g. psoriasis)

During the procedure, respiratory system and skin are under the influence of dry salt. Closed chamber is filled with salt mist, which heals upon inhalation. Salt helps to open airways and lessens or stops wheezing. Skin issues are relieved due to salt acting as a disinfectant. Salt treatment is also known to help those trying to quit smoking!

Session lasts 30 minutes.
Course of 5 sessions is recommended for best results, yet even one session is very enjoyable and healing.

To reserve a time and for additional info please call +372 50 99 666 or email at

People with following conditions should not use salt treatment:
● bronchial asthma or difficult cases of chronic bronchitis
● coughing up blood
● acute or chronic kidney disease
● hypertension stage II and III
● arrhythmia or severe coronary insufficiencies
● suspicion of a tumor or prior occurrences of malignant tumors
● continuous hormonal treatment
● history of bronchial tuberculosis

Visiting salt chamber is at your own risk. If you are not sure that it is safe for you, please consult with your doctor first!


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